Miami Swim Week 2016: Hammock Show Hair How-To

SHOW: Hammock
HAIR: UNITE Hair with Riley McLachlan as lead
HAIR INSPIRATION: For the Hammock show, several different designers were showcased together; therefore the hair was also altered throughout the show to provide different looks as the show progressed. As is it swim week, it was determined that a nice breezy, beachy wave that had an enhanced natural feeling without looking overdone would be the perfect base to build on throughout the looks. During the show the hair progressed from half-up into other beachy styles including pony tails and top knots.



  1. Prep dry hair with a light mist of GO365 Hairspray on the low setting and TEXTURIZA Spray.
  2. Lightly back-brush the hair for an overall texture and slight volume
  3. Using either a curling iron or a UNITE Flat Iron, create slight curls
  4. Spray GO365 on the high setting to set the waves and then rake with your fingers
  5. The top section was then very loosely pulled away from the face and tied with an elastic, wrapped into a loose, textured bun and pinned into place for a half-up, half-down look.
  6. For a final shine as well as to help fight the Miami humidity- an overall spray of UNITE’s new 7SECONDS Glossing Spray was applied.