Miami Swim Week 2016: Lila Nikole Runway Hair How-To

SHOW: Lila Nikole
HAIR: UNITE Hair led by BLO Blow Dry Bar – Brickell‘s Chanel Peraza-Munoz
HAIR INSPIRATION: A bold, futuristic ponytail to compliment the Miami inspired suit collection.



  1. Apply a liberal amount UNITE EXPANDA Volume throughout sections all around the head on the scalp.
  2. Slick hair back into a smooth, shiny high ponytail and secure with an elastic
  3. Mist the ponytail with UNITE 7SECONDS Glossing for shine and thermal protection
  4. Use a UNITE Pro-System Flat Iron to mail the ponytail perfectly straight
  5. Secure a long extension to an elastic and wrap around the ponytail
  6. Use a small section of the extension to wrap around the elastic to create an elongated base of the ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.
  7. Spray UNITE SESSION-MAX Hairspray for a final extra-strong hold.