Contemporary Classic Cutting

  • Fundamental cutting techniques
  • Review of terminology
  • Client consultation
  • Product usage and blending

$750 – NOV 12-13

Creative Cut and Color

  • Seasonal trends
  • Classic and advanced cutting techniques
  • Color placement
  • Client consultation and client change
  • Product usage and blending

$800SEPT 24-25OCT 22-23, DEC 3-4

UNITE All In One

NEW IN 2017

  • A four day course encompassing UNITE’s fundamentals and creative techniques for cutting, color, and style
  • A great introduction and overview to UNITE Education
  • Different program curriculum each day
  • Thorough teaching of method, terminology, and product usage

$1,200 –  OCT 8-11

Up Close and Personal with Gary Baker

NEW IN 2017

  • Three day course with UNITE Creative Director, Gary Baker
  • Learn tips and tricks for pushing salon work to the next level
  • Create looks with cutting, styling, and color to editorial standards
  • An exclusive course from the UNITE portfolio

$1,000 – Check back for future dates!

Men’s Modern Grooming

  • Modern fashion-forward trends
  • Classic and advanced cutting, plus clipper cutting techniques
  • Increasing male clientele
  • In-depth consultations
  • Review of bone structure relating to shape of hairstyle
  • Product usage and blending

$750OCT 15-16

Hair ‘Dressing’

  • Proper preparation
  • Formation of a solid and secure base
  • Classic styling techniques – rolls, twists and ponytails
  • Creating hair to compliment face, neck, dress and event
  • Product usage

$750 –  AUG 13-14, NOV 5-6

Editorial Session Styling

  • Classic and advanced styling techniques
  • Style up and down hair looks
  • Creating hair to compliment the client per event
  • Consultation on shapes that fit the client from all angles
  • Product usage

$750 –  SEP 17-18

Razor Cutting

  • Foundation of women’s razor cutting
  • Methodology and philosophy
  • Terminology
  • Key Techniques
  • Techniques for all hair types
  • Product usage

$750 –  AUG 20-21